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  • Hotplate Stirrers

    Hotplate Stirrers

    Various sizes according to your specific lab requirements
    Single or multiple position options available
    Up to 550°C
    Include Temp Probe

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  • Ice Maker

    Ice Maker

    Available in variety of sizes
    Flakers or cube type

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  • Incubator Shaking

    Incubator Shaking

    Large variety
    Bench top to multi layer
    Heating and cooling

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  • Incubator

    Incubators – Constant Temperature

    Various size options available
    Glass inner doors
    Large temperature range can be covered from 0 °C to 70°C depending on requirements
    Excellent temperature stability

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  • Incubators CO₂

    Incubators CO₂

    Various Models and Sizes
    Water and Air Jacketed options available
    Sterilization options available

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  • Laboratory Glassware Washers

    Laboratory Glassware Washers

    Various sizes from underbench to double volume
    Racks and accessories for all your glassware requirements
    Optional drying functions

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  • Laminar Flows

    Laminar Flows

    Various size options available
    Vertical or Horizontal flow
    For protection of samples against contamination

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  • Loop Steriliser

    Loop Steriliser

    Electronic infrared loop sterilizer for safe sterlization on the benchtop
    Temperature of 830°C
    Ceramic Heating tube 140mm long

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  • Magnetic Stirrers

    Magnetic Stirrers

    Various sizes according to your specific lab requirements
    Single of multiple position options available
    Analogue or digital

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  • Micro Volume Spectrophotometers

    Minimum sample volume 1μl
    Cuvette and microvolume sample
    Measurement of single wavelength as well as spectrum analysis using spectrometer technology
    Simple and miniature design
    Stand-alone system with easy-to-use 7.0” LCD touch screen
    Simple data backup using USB
    Modes: DNA/RNA, protein, cells, end point, kinetic, spectrum

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  • Micropipettes


    Single and multi-channel manual adjustable pipettes
    All universal tips fit the pipettes
    Fully autoclaveable at 121°C
    Carroussel or linear stands available

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  • Microscopes


    Compound / Stereo/Inverted
    Routine And Research Microscopes
    Microscopes used in Pathology and Routine Diagnostic work
    With or Without camera
    With or Without Fluorescence

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  • Microtitre Mixer

    Microtitre Mixer

    Analogue Speed Control
    Orbital shaking 0-1500 RPM
    Wide range of optional Accessories

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  • Moisture Analyzer/Balance

    Moisture Analyzer/Balance

    Various Models
    LCD and Touch options
    Heating 40°C to 199°C
    RS232 /USB Interface

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  • Ovens - Drying

    Ovens – Drying

    Various Models
    Convection, Fan options and Vacuum ovens
    Temperature ranges up to 400°C

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  • Overhead Stirrers

    Overhead Stirrers

    20litre and 40 Litre options
    Speed range :50-2200 RPM
    Comes Standard with Universal Plate Stand and Cross Stirrer

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  • PCR Hoods

    PCR Hoods

    Dead box or HEPA filtered options
    Bencthop or stand options
    UV sterilization

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  • Peristaltic Pumps

    Peristaltic Pumps

    Various models and heads to select from
    Flow rates from 0.007 ml/min up to 2280ml/min
    Accessories available

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  • pH Meters

    pH Meters

    Benchtop and portable pH meters as well as other chemistry meters are available
    Electrodes to suite various applications
    Buffers for calibration

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  • Plate Reader

    Plate Reader – Byonoy

    World’s smallest 96 well plate reader
    Free software
    Absorbance method with endpoint and Kinetic detection modes
    Evaluation modes :Quantitative, Qualitative
    Regression Methods Point-to Point, linear , 4PL and 5PL
    Now also in automated version

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  • Pro Pipette Fillers

    Pro Pipette Fillers

    Electronically controlled pipette filler
    Works with Glass and Plastic pipettes 0.1 – 100ml
    Max aspirate speed 25ml/s
    LCD display
    Low Battery indicator
    Adapter is fully autoclaveable
    Includes 2 filters, Battery charger and docking station as standard accessories

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  • Rotary-Evaporator

    Rotary Evaporators

    Vertical or Diagonal unit with autolift
    Baths available in 5 liter or 10 liter
    Comes standard with Glassware set

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  • Scales


    We offer a full range of scales
    Platform , Precision , Benchtop and floor standing options

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  • Shakers


    Orbital, linear and rocking shakers with accessories
    Analogue and digital options
    Speed range of up to 500Rpm – model dependant
    Weight of up to 10Kg – model dependant

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